Crierspost was designed after its creator traveled to Alaska in a motorhome and couldn’t help but wonder what it was like to live in the cities and towns she passed along the way. Her curiosity got the best of her and led to the creation of the Crierspost app and website. She hopes that Crierspost will help to satisfy your curiosities.

Why a town crier as a logo? In medieval England and Europe, town criers were used to communicate newsworthy events. Traditionally dressed in a red and gold jacket with a black tricorne hat, the town crier would ring a handbell and call out to the townspeople “Hear ye! Hear ye!” to get the people’s attention. The town crier would read an official proclamation and then nail it to the doorpost of a local inn. The tradition became known as “posting a notice.”

Crierspost gives users a chance to “post” their message and be their town’s crier and to view the posts of other town criers.


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